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Common Questions

I would like to schedule an appraisal, who do I contact?

If you are ready to schedule an appraisal, or have a specific question about the appraisal process, please send us an email or call our office at 303-574-0745.

Which geographic areas do you service?

We service front range properties from Douglas County to the South, to Larimer and Weld Counties to the North and everything inbetween.

What is your turn around time?

Our typical turn time is 3 weeks from initial acceptance of the assignment. For legal appraisals, if there
are any upcoming pertinent dates such as mediation or expert reports due, we can discuss meeting
those deadlines. Occasionally we charge a rush fee if the turn time is extremely tight.

How long have you been in business?

Kevin Kerns has been appraising since 2001.

Do you have a CV?

What should a homeowner do in preparation of an appraisal visit?

Your house should be clean and tidy. First impressions are important. It is our job to evaluate the appeal of your home to the market (potential buyers.)

Secure your pets.

We need access to the entire exterior of the home to obtain accurate measurements. Please move any obsticles, ie. boats, trash cans.

What are typical fees for your appraisal services?

Mortgage Lending: Our standard fee for mortgage lending appraisals and appraisals for individual
homeowners or real estate agents is $600. This fee can be adjusted up or down based on the
complexity of the property involved.

Legal: Our standard fee for dissolution of marriage, estate planning, or any other legal intended use is
$800. This fee can be adjusted up or down based on the complexity of the property. For example, a
small condominium might be $600. A 40-acre horse property with multiple outbuildings might be

For those legal appraisals that require an additional retrospective valuation (current market valuation
and date of marriage valuation) we typically charge half the fee for the retrospective valuation. For
example, if we need a current market valuation ($800) and a date of marriage retrospective valuation,
the additional cost for the retrospective valuation will be $400. We typically incorporate the retrospective
valuation into the current market value appraisal. Both values are contained in a single report.

Occasionally, only a retrospective valuation is necessary. In these cases, they are billed at the single
appraisal price, typically $800.

In the event my testimony is needed, I charge a flat fee of $500. This fee is collected prior to trial.

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