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Mountain Ridge

Fee Schedule and Turn Time

Our typical turn time is 2 weeks from inspection date of the appraisal. For legal appraisals, if there are any upcoming pertinent dates such as pending expert report deadline or mediation, we can discuss meeting those deadlines. Occasionally we charge a rush fee if the turn time is extremely tight.

Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule aims to provide transparency and clarity to clients regarding the cost of appraisal services, allowing them to understand the pricing structure and make informed decisions. If you have any particular questions about a property or request,  please reach out to us.

Mortgage Lending:

Our standard fee for mortgage lending appraisals and appraisals for individual homeowners or real estate agents is $800. This fee can be adjusted up or down based on the complexity of the property involved.


Our standard fee for dissolution of marriage, estate planning, or any other legal intended use is $800. This fee can be adjusted up or down based on the complexity of the property. For example, a small condominium might be $600. A 40-acre horse property with multiple outbuildings might be $1,000.

For those legal appraisals that require an additional retrospective valuation (current market valuation and date of marriage valuation) we typically charge half the fee for the retrospective valuation. For example, if we need a current market valuation ($800) and a date of marriage retrospective valuation, the additional cost for the retrospective valuation will be $400. We typically incorporate the retrospective valuation into the current market value appraisal. Both values are contained in a single report.

Historical Value Only:

Occasionally, only a retrospective valuation is necessary. In these cases, they are billed at the single appraisal price, typically $800.

Testimony Fees:

In the event testimony is needed, we charge a flat fee of $500 which is collected prior to trial. This fee includes a pre trial conference call with the requesting attorney for trial preparations, travel time and up to 2 hours to provide testimony. Any additional time after those two hours will be billed at an hourly rate of $250 per hour.

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